Topaz & Troy litter

Topaz gave birth to 6 beautiful/ healthy puppies on March 11, 2019, which will make their go home date May 6th. Topaz had 5 males & 1 female. Congrats to those that have put a deposit on this litter!!


**Buyers with first pick male & female will need to have their puppy picked out by April 22nd. Buyers can either set up an appointment to pick their puppy out in person, or I can help buyers pick out their puppy for them.

**Please understand that the health of these puppies is our priority. We do not allow anyone but the buyers to be in contact with our babies. We ask that buyers do not bring their pets to the kennel in respect to the other buyers. We also ask that the buyers are the only ones to come to pick out their puppy. We will post pictures on the website of the puppies when born, around 2 weeks old, and about 5 weeks old. 

**Buyers must have their puppy paid for before the puppy leaves our kennel. You are welcome to pay by check, but we must receive the check at least 7 days before the puppy leaves. If paying at pick up we only accept cash.

**For your ride home we suggest bringing throw away pads & a bottle of water. Your puppy will be around 8-13 pounds when he or she leaves us. We will be giving your baby his or her 1st set of shots at about 7 weeks. You will want to schedule your vet appointment around 10 weeks for his or her check up & next set. 

**Please have everything that you need for your new baby before you take your baby home. Here are some products that we are currently giving your baby & recommend continuing to make his or her transition easy: 

Food- We start our babies off on Holistic Select Anchovy, Sardine, & Salmon Meal. This is specifically targeting their digestive tract which is so important for puppies. We keep our puppies on this food & then swith them to Life's Abundance food at about 7 months old. We have a "Life's abundance" tab if you want to order anything from them. Simply click the link. 

Vitamins- Vetri Science MultiVitamin. We give our babies 1/2 a vitamin every other day.

Extra Supplement- K9 Power Puppy Gold. We give our babies 1 tbs of this powder with their food once per day. We use this until they are about 6 months old. 

Flea and tick- We use the pet protector which goes on their collar as well as Diatomaceous Earth (food grade). The Diatomaceous Earth is dusted on their coat about once a week. Both are non toxic. Read more about DE on the learning center tab. We highly reccomend this product.

Internal parasites & worms- Diatomaceous earth. We mix one tbs with our babies food every month for seven days straight. This is a great worm/parasite preventative that is non toxic.  

Black Collar Male

Green Collar Male

Orange Collar Male 

Pink Collar female

Purple Collar Male

Blue Collar Male

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