Pippa- Sikora & Picasso pup

Koda- Colombia & Max puppy

Dash- Panda & Troy puppy

We thought you'd like to see one of your snowwater retriever pups.  Here is our sweet girl Roxy,
from Sierra & Max.  Dancy is now a therapy dog as well.   We take both dogs to the Tunnell Cancer Center, Roxy & I go to an assisted living w/an Alzheimer's wing-oh, do those folks love her!?
Jon takes Dancy to Beebe, our local hospital, & she has a fan club there!!??

We do so love, love our snow-water girls.  Hope all is well for you.  We still check your page from time to time just to see all the new little pups.

Jon & Cindy Stolson


He is such a good puppy! Thor is a quick learner and very sweet. Though he has started to talk back to my mom ? 
He has completely won over my one cat who plays with him everyday and the other cat is okay with him. 2018

Takoda is amazing!  He slept most of the ride home and has settled in perfectly. We couldn't possibly love him more than we do! Thank you!  We will update you as he grows! -Jennifer Batdorf

Oakley (2018 litter)

Murphy- Misty & Picasso puppy

Sky & Troy  puppy

Piper is an incredible puppy. A cuddler, & she knows 5 tricks already! She is very well behaved, we love her! Everyone that see's her (at Tree Farm or out walking) goes crazy over her. Words can't describe how much I love her. I'm still amazed at how all of this worked out. Thank you so much for much for making precious puppies! - Diane 2018

Sky & Troy  puppy

We did a lot of research before we brought home our Sully. There is a reason we ( well my husband) drove 8 hrs to your facility. Your reputation was impeccable. We have been impressed with everything aspect of the process. Sure, you may find a less expensive puppy out there. Unfortunately, you may be helping support unethical businesses. Now for a another pic of our furry baby, who is amazing -Janice

Henry- Sikora & Picasso  puppy

This is our new furBaby Luka!! We are so proud to be Parents to a Snow Water Retriever!! It was such a pleasure to meet Brenda & Brittany who gave us such a warm and Friendly Welcome into their Home!!! - Carina

Brittany & Brenda,
I just wanted to thank you for breeding such incredible dogs. Brittany you were right Pearl (Ivory/Caesar) treats Finn (Ivory/Troy) like her puppy, not her half brother. He is as sweet as you said. Like all of your dogs they are both very intelligent and great to have around. I included a couple of photos to illustrate just how close they are and how well he has adjusted.
Thank You Again,
Tim Mulhern and the Mulhern Family

These were taken yesterday of Annie. She is an awesome dog. I referred you all to a friend who is looking for an English cream.

Rose & Troy Puppy

My SnowWater "bunny" Retreivers Aspen and Paris are ready for Easter!❤❤ Shelly Cogar 2018

Annie (2018 litter)

Our sweet little Remi! We just love him! - Stephanie

This is my baby from Brenda. Talulah is 17 months old and just the BEST. Highly recommend Brenda's puppies.

This picture tells you everything you need to know about your dogs. They are sweet, smart, with gentle dispositions. I would never purchase a dog from another breeder. I know how well you treat your dogs and how much you care about them. Finn likes to sleep on his older sister Pearl and she always lets him do it. They are the best dogs. -Tim 2018

Thanks again for our awesome furry boy!! - Shawn

We adore this little dude!- Karla 2018


Gus is doing very well. He is so beautiful.


Brian Wilson

We are so thankful for what you do and the love you put into the dogs and puppies. Auggie has been an incredible addition to our family! We just love him to pieces. Our vet is in love with him too! - Beth 2018 Colombia/ Troy pup

We drove from Long Island to pick up our Pup. If we ever get another dog, we would make the trip again in a heartbeat. 
Please keep doing what you do. Our fuzzy buddy is constantly complemented on his temperament and caring soul by everyone he meets.- Mark

Dear Brittany and Brenda,
     We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for our sweet baby boy Parker (Sikora/Troy). He is such an amazingly smart and sweet puppy, and so well behaved! Everything you said about what he’d be like is true, and so much more. Thank you for being honest, and raising such beautiful dogs!
Lisa & Donny Garner

I wanted to share a photo of Teddy (Caesar and Mia’s baby) we brought him into our home last Christmas - he is a wonderful dog and looks just like Caesar! He also greets everyone with a toy (or shoe!) when they come to the house.

 I have one beauty from a 2015 litter...they are THE BEST. She is special and super spoiled. You can't go wrong with any of SnowWater's Goldens. -Kristy

We love our Sullivan! 


Sullivan enjoyed his first baseball game last night. He charmed everyone he met ? - Janice


It’s been awhile since I wrote but I wanted to let you know what a blessing Zuri is to us and all the people she helps. I included some pics here. The first is last year her and my son Micah making snow angels, 2 is me kissing on her, she loves to be loved, 3 is at the cabin in OR this summer playing in the river, 4 is a pic I got last week of her so happy n content, 5 is her at work she is an ADA certified service dog all access and has a certification in emotional support. She works every Monday and Tuesday with children with communication difficulties, disorders, and autism. She’s amazing at her job :) and loves loves loves the attention. So therapeutic for the families as well. She enjoys senior housing and hospitals as well. 6 is her at Cannon Beach,OR we go about 12-15 times a year so we live there pretty much, this is her place of happiness. She loves the ocean,sand, morning walks and meeting new dog friends and people friends. 7 this is one of my favorite pics my 2 babies together she was about 12 weeks here and Micah was about 3. They are best friends and she mothers him so much! She is the best addition to our little family and I just wanted to say thank you. 
We may be looking at adding another soon we have had so much joy from her. 
Merry Christmas! 


We love our Halo. Your puppies are by far the best most beautiful goldens I have ever seen. Every picture ever posted reminds me of our baby and puts a smile on my face. She has been worth every penny and I would recommend you girls to anyone. Your hard work has paid off! Every one of your customers/families seem to treat their dogs like royalty, as they should. Thank you!- Kristy

We are so happy with Snow. He is a great dog. If we ever get another dog, it will be from SnowWater Retrievers.- Clyde

 I must say... I love my dog that I received from this breeder. She is almost 4 and she is now a therapy dog. This speaks volumes about how family oriented and loving these dogs are. They are expensive, but worth every penny. I wouldn't trade my girl for the world! -Heather

Brenda and Mikes Puppies are so adorable! Our Snowwater pup, Luka, is now 15 months old and a complete love bug!!! - Carina

Thought I would post a picture of Dreamers boy, Deacon (Deisel), at 1 year of age. He will enjoy his 4th birthday next week!

Zeus wishes you a Merry Christmas ! Just had a hair cut ;) <3 Rhonda

We drove to Jamestown April 2012 to bring our handsome "Zeus of the Mountain " home to Indiana . It was a Happy a Day ! Zeus slept most all the way home ;) . He missed his old friends at first but after a couple weeks he adopted us ! He is a very smart ,loving ,fun guy to have in our home . We love him so much ! He is a very loving ,loyal friend . He Retrieves Our Paper every morning for us ! He spends equal good morning kisses and good night kisses with each of us ! He loves to play ball ,swim,ride in our golf cart ! - Rhonda

 My Luka from this Breeder!! 

We are all so delighted with little Stella. Big brother Oliver can't tear himself away. ❤️❤️❤️

I was fortunate to get a dog from this breeder. My dog Ava is the complete package. She passed her CGC and is now the therapy dog with Pet Partners! It is not an easy process and the evaluation is rigorous, but she DID it!!! Special thanks to Brenda for her help and breeding a really wonderful dog.

Thank you! Halo is perfect. She is the sweetest puppy ever. We love her and she adores us too. Our spoiled girl is happy here.

We couldn’t be happier with our puppy, Sadie! Very positive experience with you and it was very obvious from the initial visit how well cared for and loved your dogs are! Thank you! Cindy 2018

We love our boy Sullivan! Gonna be 1 yrs old on January 5th 

This is our awesome Peter (also from Troy/Sikora). He is the sweetest boy ever. Cynda

Same with our Dougie! What a great dog he is, great personality and temperament! Kate (Lilly puppy)

We are so thankful for our handsome, happy, intelligent, fun- loving laidback Rocky! He is by far the BEST puppy we’ve ever had. He’s a love bug - Paige

****Hi Brenda/Brittany,

I hope you both are doing well and had a great Thanksgiving. 

I got one of Ivory's puppies back in 2016, and I just wanted to send an overdue thank you. Over the past two years this dog has been such an amazing dog. I bought the dog for my dad, who was recently retired, and Lola (what he named the puppy) and has brought so much joy. Lola has a fantastic personality, and has been such a loving and loyal companion, and quote the cuddle bug!

Thank you for allowing us have one of these great dogs!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season


Denise 2018


*** It’s so sad what people do to animals just to make money. Choosing my 2 babies from SnowWater was the best dog decision I have ever made. When I met Brenda & Britt over 7 years ago, she was open, honest & welcoming. I got to meet, pet & love on every dog on her property. She didn’t rush me, had nothing to hide(like I experienced in the past with other golden breeders) she was open, honest, and showed nothing but love for each & everyone of her pups. Honestly, I wouldn’t even think of getting a dog anywhere else. Great people, great dogs! Pricey? Maybe, but you get what you pay for folks! Oh, did I mention that I have 3 of her babies? ?❤️ Polly 2018
***Just wanted to update you on the female pupppy we bought from you. We named her Shaynna.
She is such a good puppy. We have her housebroke. She sleeps by our bed at night. She is a intelligent and
loyal puppy. We just LOVE HER! We are looking forward to picking up our male puppy in January! We saw
him on your website, the one with the blue collar. Thanks for that. We are looking forward to seeing more pictures
of him. Thanks so much for the Life's Abundance Dog Food Package, we really appreciated that. I have already sent
back her leash, because she chewed it up! Tipical Puppy! We live on an acreage with a lake, and she's always got her nose down, investigating everything. She will love the water this summer. Thanks for all the information on your website about flea control, and poisons, and what chew toys are the best, We appreciate all your knowledge on this. I wanted to let you know too, that she would wag her tail every time she smelled
the shavings you gave us to mark where we wanted her to urinate.Thanks so much too, for the collar and leash, she also seemed to feel comfortable when she smelled it, that's why she chewed it in half. She really enjoyed the dinosour toy you gave us. Thanks for thinking of all those things. We're hoping that the male puppy will also remind her of her home. Thanks for helping to enrich our lives. We promise to take
good care of her, and him. Please keep us up to date on pictures of the male puppy. Let us know when we need to send you payment. We're looking forward to picking him up, maybe next time we can have breakfast together. -Joel, and Bonnie
***Just wanted to send you an email. It was great doing business with you. We had a good ride home. It started out pretty rough, the poor thing got sick. But so far she is doing amazing with the potting training only 2 accidents in the house and those were our fault. She is by far the smartest dog I ever owned. She is going to be a great addition to our home and family. We are so glad we found and meet you. Please keep in touch and have a great time in Mexico.....don't drink the water!!! We will send updated pictures -Heath & Lisa
***I just wanted to write to you concerning our puppy "Pearl". We picked her up just before Thanksgiving 2013. She was the runt of the litter of "Ivory" and "Caesar". She is the smartest, sweetest, and best disposition dog we have ever owned. Her personality couldn't be any better and her temperament is just perfect. She has become a very important part of our family. She was trained almost immediately due to her high level of intelligence. Her loving disposition and sweet personality makes her a pleasure to live with. Thank you for breeding such an outstanding dog.
Timothy & Janie Mulhern and Family
***Heather Panczykowski- I must say... I love my dog that I received from this breeder. She is almost 4 and she is now a therapy dog. This speaks volumes about how family oriented and loving these dogs are. They are expensive, but worth every penny. I wouldn't trade my girl for the world!
**Here’s a picture of the puppies (the picture you sent us when we picked them out in January compared to one we took last week).  We love them both so much – they have different personalities and obviously some physical differences too.  Light Blue (Madison) is now 70lbs – she still has long arms and legs and is taller with a very pronounced smart bump on her head – reminds us of Lilly.  Lime Green (Margo) is now 62lbs – she has more of a stockier build - reminds us more of Caesear.  They are still eating the life’s abundance food.  Also wanted to let you know that we got them spayed earlier this week.
Bruce and Jodi Cook
***I was fortunate to get a dog from this breeder. My dog Ava is the complete package. She passed her CGC and is now the therapy dog with Pet Partners! It is not an easy process and the evaluation is rigorous, but she DID it!!! Special thanks to Brenda for her help and breeding a really wonderful dog. - Heather Panczykowski
***Suzanne Csop- My Snow Water puppy, Belle, is such a delightful, sweet pup! Slightly over 6 months at this point ! Great pup !
***Hi Everyone!! Pippa had her second vet visit yesterday! She weighed 28 lbs. healthy and happy. I started taking her in our pool on Monday.. Doing good.. She knows where the steps are and how to get out of the pool.  She doesn't love it yet..soon she will be jumping off the side to me!! She is doing great with listening and with Potty training and she knows sit, shake and stay!!
She is so perfect!
Patti Hamilton
****We love our Chloe. Exactly as she was expected to be in temperament, size and demeanor. Such a great experience I wish I could give them more stars. Thank You

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