Our Dams (Females)

Lilly (Star Gazer Lilly for SnowWater)

SR71158003 OFA-Good hip joint conformation, Elbow-Negative for elbow dysplasia

Our beautiful pure white Lilly has an outstanding English pedigree with Multi Intrntional Champion Erinderry King of the Blues Jack as her grandfather and world champion Erinderry Night Dreamer as her Grandmother.  Lilly has perfect confirmation, has a very white coat, and a sweet & adorable personality. Lilly is very smart and knows how to open all of our doors :)  She loves to play, and her favorite thing to do is be with us. 

Panda of Golden Duck SS02605501

OFA tested hips- excellent & negative for elbow dysplasia. Ich clear. Parents both PRA1 & 2 clear. We imported our beautiful Panda from Serbia. Panda has a beautiful long coat, and an amazingly playful, sweet, and loving personality to go with her beauty. We are so proud to have Panda as part of SnowWater :)

Sky (SnowWater's Night Sky) SR90672504

HD-F, Negative for elbow Dysplasia

This is our beautiful Sky. Sky is the daughter of Mia & Night Dazzle (Max). Sky likes to curl up in a ball right on your lap as if she is still a tiny puppy. Sky loves to be held, and she loves to play in the water. Sky can't wait to go camping on the weekends so that she can play in the river with her friends. She has a very blocky build and a beautiful white coat. 

Colombia (Colombia of Golden Duck)

HD-F hip joint conformation, Elbows-Negative for elbow dysplasia

We imported our beautiful Colombia from Serbia. As you can see in her pedigree, Colombia's champion bloodlines are very impressive. Colombia is our largest female, she has a very blocky build, and she has a gorgeous white coat. Colombia is very gentle, loving, and always has a toy in her mouth. We are so proud to have Colombia as part of our breeding line!


Sikora (Snowwater's Magic Star Sikora) SR87625001

SR87625001 HD-F hip joint conformation, Elbows-Negative for elbow dysplasia

This is our beautiful Sikora, daughter of our international champion Caesear, and our international champion Megi. Sikora has a beautiful long coat, and has a boxy build. She is a sweet as can be & is always happiest right by your side. Sikora loves to sit & lay in the river when she goes camping all sumer long. 

**Below are all of the females that we have retired **

Irish Magic Diana (Dancy) JR77926Zr *Now Retired

Mia (Silvermine's Sweet Mia)***Now Retired***

Sierra (May Sunflower Sunny) JR702002Zr SR62537602 *Now Retired 

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