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I must have been living under a rock because I believed for years that manufactures would make only safe toys and chews for our animals.  The Truth is: If someone will buy it, they will make it.  It does not matter if it is safe for your animal, its all about money.   I know there are laws that protect our children from unsafe toys but am not so sure if there are any laws that protect our animals.  I can not say this enough, 'Buyer Beware!"

95% of dog chews and toys could kill your dog
Raw Hide of any kind is bad for your dog.  Almost all chews are made out of raw hide. The problem with raw hide is that it is processed.  Manufactors even shred and press it into bone shapes and treats.  If you want to read some horror stories type "Greenies "in your search engine. We must think back to the basics! Always look for the most organic (natural, unprocessed chews and toys)
After extensive researching "safe long lasting dog chews", I purchased 6 inch long Free Range Bully Sticks and was thrilled with the product. One day one of my dogs puked up 2- 3 inch pieces of the bully stick I just handed him. Comparing the cost of the Bully Stick and the few seconds it took my dog to swallow it whole made it so not worth it. They are however great for smaller dogs and puppies.  I liked the products from
There are a large amount (of all types) of good Free Range Dog Treats, Dried Meats and Chews on the market today, with many more business popping up as of late, who offer Organic quality chews.  I searched the internet using the words Organic, Natural, Dog Treats, and chews. 


Deer antlers are wonderful for dogs to chew!!
Cow Hoofs:  Although I have heard other wise, cow hoofs are my pick thus far for a safe dog chew.  They are natural, We want them to be uncooked.    The Red Barn Naturals have the best I have found thus far. You can go to there website, many online pet stores carry there products.  I also like antlers because they are all natural.
Using plastic balls, frisbies, squeaky toys and such are fine for play time with you, but put them away and out of reach when you are not with your dog. A dog can rip and chew a piece off such toys in a heart beat. It could then lodge in his throat or internal organs, need I say more. Kong makes a few great troys that dogs are unable to chew up.

Never over exercise (to exhaustion) or throw toys so that your dog (especially puppies) might twist, fall, or crash into anything. This could cause permanent damage to joints and such. Puppies should be carried up and down steps until their bones grow strong (6 months for large breeds and longer for smaller breeds).

Did you know that 95% of all the treats on the market today are not good for your dog? Read the labels and avoid any treats that contain corn, wheat or soy.  Also be aware that there are recalls on chicken jerky.  Many pets have lost thier lifes after eating chicken jerky which had Salmonella poison.  Smelling the dried meat will usually tell you if the meat was rotten when processed.  Note that as I have previously mentioned that a yummy smelling product could have been dusted, marinated or sprayed on the meat.
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