Like humans, golden retrievers can suffer from dry skin, and using Diatomaceous Earth can worsen this. Another cause for dry skin could be to Ich.


Ich testing is available. Testing result are: clear, carrier, or affected meaning they have and show symptoms. Our dogs are all either clear or carrier, none are affected. 



Ichthyosis is a very common condition in Goldens characterized by scaley skin and dandruff. It does not cause itching, scabbing, or hot spots, it is merely dandruff. In Golden Retrievers, it is usually very mild. Our males show whether they are a carrier of the Ich gene in their description. 


Only 17% of Goldens Tested in Europe were found to be Clear.


While there are no known treatments at this time, providing a high-quality diet and skin supplements can keep the symptoms at a minimum or completely clear.

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