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Life's Abundance is what we recommend that you feed your dog, they have a large variety of great products. Click this picture about and it will take you to my Life's Abundance website :)

Did you know that your dog cannot digest a wide variety of fruits or vegetables like we can? 
Think for a moment about the bags of dog food you see at your local Wal-Mart or grocery store.  The words "nutritious" and "well balanced" comes to mind when we see bright colorful pictures pictures of fresh corn and carrots and all kinds of fresh vegetables and grains.   Our minds naturally respond to this clever advertising and tell us 'this is good stuff''.   We investigate further to find that this dog food is pricier that the other brands too.  Again we naturally think that it must be better if it cost more.

THE TRUTH IS:   Manufacturers are appealing to what you and I know are good for us humans, not our dogs.  We are visually and intuitively baited. Just because the name of the product implies healthy and nutritious does not mean it is healthy and nutritious. IT IS ONLY THE NAME OF THE PRODUCT AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CONTENTS. Holistic and organic are some of the newest words being used to market dog food today.  Because it is an impressive sounding word to us we think it must be something great and we need to have it. In reality the definition of holistic means that it is for the whole animal  (verses just his tail?).  Organic means no chemicals such as pestisides have been used but it does not mean that the content of the food was not made from spoiled meat or food.
Corn, soy or wheat are big no nos! You can buy a bag of corn (with a healthy sounding name and pretty pictures) for your dog at Wal-Mart for more than better quality food costs.

Do not be fooled! Just because Eukanuba sponsors dog shows does not mean that brand of dog food is for champions. Just because the bag of dog food says "Veterinary Approved" such as Hills Science Diet does not mean its super good for your dog.  It could however mean the vet is making some money by selling it.  At this time I do not know if Hills Science Diet dog & cat foods for restricted diets are truely a help or a hinderance to a animal.  I feed a high quality pet food (Life's Abundance) and have never had problems with my animals needing this special diet. It makes me think that if an animal is fed properly in the first place maybe he would not need a special diet for all of these problems.
Do not confuse Doctors Foster and Smith with Hill Science Diet, as Doctors Foster & Smith do carry a good quality product.
Learn to read the labels and to look past the pictures and the words.  Read the ingredients, research the company.   If the label is NOT specific as to what kind of meat or meal it is, do some research on that food.  Your pet is worth it.
Dogs  gulp up cheap foods because they are coated with a yummy flavor, and because that is all you offer them.....  they have no choice.
You will not find a bag of dog (or cat) food suitable for your dog at grocery stores, Wal-Mart, or department stores.  Don’t get me wrong the food will keep your dog or cat alive, but we must ask ourselves:  How much longer would my dog live if he was eating what dogs (carnivores) are supposed to eat?  What about cancer?  What about health problems & vet bills?  Good, nutritious dog foods at a reasonable prices are out there. Of course there are many that are very expensive, some not any better than a cheaper brand of high quality.  Remember that your dog will eat much less of a high quality food so there is savings in that aspect.  At the bottom of this page I have listed the high quality dog foods that we have researched recommend.  
Learn to read the ingredients on the bags.  The ingredients are listed in order of quantity. The contents of the bag is usually at least 50% of that first ingredient.  If you see the words corn, wheat or soy listed in the ingredients never purchase the product.  The first 4 ingredients should be meat or fish of a high quality.  The meat should be identified (chicken, duck, turkey and so on). A meat meal such as chicken meal is ok as long as it is
not one of the first two ingredients.  'Meat Meal' is way too vague and not necessarily considered a meat at all.  
Click on the Lifes Abundance logo to the left of this page to view important facts about dog food.
Follow the directions on your dog food bag. Overweight animals are very unhealthy in side and out.  Do not let dog food set out for free will eating.  Food that sits out becomes stale and your dog will not eat it but always wait for the fresh stuff.
Stomach torsion Look at the amount of dry food you are feeding, (know that it will swell once consumed although quality foods do not swell as much) imagine it in your dogs stomach in proportion to your dogs size.  Even though I always measure my dog’s food, I usually put a little back in the bag after doing this. I feed my puppies 3 times a day. Soaking your dog’s food in warm water or broth is suggested.  This is a great way to add fresh water to his diet (they need a lot of water like we do).  You MUST keep a close eye on your pets teeth because feeding soft foods  will cause dental disease.  Always offer chew toys or raw bones to keep tartar buildup and breath fresh when feeding moistened or soft foods.

Never overfeed your dog or give your dog spiced or cooked meat, fish, poultry and eggs.  Do not feed bacon, wieners and other processed foods. Sweets and people snacks are a no no. My dogs enjoy treats of most fresh
fruits such as apples, all kinds of berries, melons and bananas.  No Rasins or Grapes. They are poisonous to your dog!
Your dog must be have fresh water available to him at all times. Even thought the water may look
clean, bacteria,  mosquito larva, and a multitude of other nasty stuff that could make your dog sick live and grow in stagnant water.

Never feed cooked bones/hoofs/etc of any kind to dogs. They cannot digest cooked or smoked bones.  Cooked or smoked bones become potential blockage hazards.  A dogs stomache can not break down a bone that has been heated or cooked becaue this process kills enzimes in the bone/hoof/etc there fore completly undigestable.  Cooked bones also splinter and can pierce internal organs; either can be fatal to your dog.  Please go to my 'toys, treats and chews' page listed in the task bar.   This is the main cause of flipped stomach (bloat/torsion); your dog could die almost immediately. Cooking  anything also destroys  many of the nutrients in the raw bones.
Be aware, especially with puppies under 2 years of age that jumping, twisting, climbing, or descending stairs may injure your pups spine, hips, bone structure, or ligaments.  Never over exorcise a pup or throw
toys into the air for them to catch.  Carry your puppy up and down the stairs
for at least the first 6 months of his life.
Do not feed pasteurized foods to your dog!

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