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We have two different dog food brands that we highly recommend: Life's Abundance & Purina Pro Plan.


*All of our adult dogs are fed Life's Abundance All Stages Dog Food. *All of our puppies & nursing moms are fed Purina Pro Plan All Life Stages Small Bites Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. Once your baby turns about 8 months old I highly suggest swithcing your baby's diet to Life's abundance all stages. 


 If you would like to order Life's Abundance, click this picture above and it will take you to my Life's Abundance website :).

If you would like to order Purina Pro Plan, you can order from


Follow the directions on your dog food bag. Overweight animals are very unhealthy inside and out.  Do not let dog food set out for free will eating. Food that sits out becomes stale and your dog will not eat it but always wait for the fresh stuff.

You MUST keep a close eye on your pets teeth because feeding soft foods  will cause dental disease.  Always offer chew toys or raw bones to keep tartar buildup and breath fresh when feeding moistened or soft foods.

Never over feed your dog or give your dog spiced or cooked meat, fish, poultry and eggs.  Do not feed bacon and other processed foods. Sweets and people snacks are a no no. My dogs enjoy treats of most fresh fruits such as apples, pumpkin, all kinds of berries, bananas and much more.  No Rasins or Grapes. They are poisonous to your dog!

Your dog must be have fresh water available to him at all times. Even thought the water may look clean, bacteria,  mosquito larva, and a multitude of other nasty stuff that could make your dog sick live and grow in stagnant water.


Never feed cooked bones/hoofs/etc of any kind to dogs. They cannot digest cooked or smoked bones.  Cooked or smoked bones become potential blockage hazards.  A dogs stomache can not break down a bone that has been heated or cooked becaue this process kills enzimes in the bone/hoof/etc there fore completly undigestable.  Cooked bones also splinter and can pierce internal organs; either can be fatal to your dog.  Please go to my 'toys, treats and chews' page listed in the task bar.   This is the main cause of flipped stomach (bloat/torsion); your dog could die almost immediately. Cooking  anything also destroys  many of the nutrients in the raw bones.
*Be aware, especially with puppies under 2 years of age that jumping, twisting, climbing, or descending stairs may injure your pups spine, hips, bone structure, or ligaments. Carry your puppy up and down the stairs for at least the first 6 months.


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