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Steps to purchaseing a puppy

Thank you for considering one of our champion bred puppies. Be assured that because we only breed champion lineage, raise, and breed our dogs as our pets, that your puppy already has a great head start. They are fed only top quality meals consisting of the best quality dry food from Lifes Abundance and fresh fruits & vegtables. You may choose a puppy from one of our litters that has a current due date or from an upcoming breeding.   We always match the personality of our puppies to your family and personal needs.


Your puppy will be wormed and given all of his/her vaccinations up the date you purchase your new puppy. You will receive AKC Registration Papers, vet certificates (if flying), vaccination & worming schedule. To make your transition easier for both you and puppy we include a small bag of puppy food, and a bag of wood chips to help potty train your puppy. We also have optional items available for you to purchase when you pick your puppy up such as collar/ leash sets (these are GUARANTEED even if Chewed), vitamins, food, & Diatamaceous Earth. You can pay with cash at no extra cost, or you can pay with Paypal (you will pay the paypal fees).


                           1/2" width collar/leash set- $29

                             3/4" width collar/leash set- $33
                             Vitamins- $14
                             Food- $44/ 12 pound bag
                             Diatomaceous Earth- $5 (natural worm,                                                                                              flea/tick, & internal                                                                                parasite treatment)                                                                                                                     




1. Email us at bdtreasures@gmail.com or click on the "contact us" tab and fill out required fields to see if we have a puppy available or an upcoming litter.  We can then proceed to step 2 if  you would like to move forward with purchasing a puppy.


2. You will need to send in your $500 deposit by mail your deposit needs to be payable to Brenda Davidson at 4707 Scott Road Jamestown, PA 16134. This deposit will reserve your puppy. We ask that you attach a note that includes your name, address, phone number, email, the parents that you want a puppy from, and which puppy pick you are getting. We also ask that you let us know a little bit about you so that we know what kind of home our fur babies are going to. We want to know that they are going to be loved the way that we love them. We will not accept you deposit if we do not feel as if our puppies will be going to a good home. **Deposits are non refundable**


3. After we have received your deposit, it's now time to wait for your litter to be born. Please understand that the most important thing to us is the health and safety of our puppies and dogs. We are constanty working with them so if yo send us an email please give us a few days to respond.


4. You may pick your puppy out in person, by phone, or email. You can pick out your puppy by appointment during our business hours. Our business hours are Monday- Friday 11 AM- 6 PM. 1st pick buyers for both male and females have from the time that the puppies are 5 weeks- 6 weeks old to decide on their puppies. We will then give 2nd pick buyers 2 days to pick out their puppy, and so on. We will closely work with you to to make sure you get the puppy that suits your needs. We will post pictures of the puppies online every 3 weeks. Please understand that we are very serious about keeping our puppies as safe & healthy as possible. The only people outside of our kennel that are allowed to come in contact with these puppies are the buyers. We promote the buyers to pick out their puppy with the pictures and personality info that we provide rather than coming to pick them out in person. We know these puppies very well and are great with helping you decide which puppy will fit what you're looking for best. Puppies are very delicate at this age and we take this very seriously. 


5. We offer You 2 choices for picking up your puppy.

       a. You may come to our kennel to pick up your puppy during our business hours which includes a brief tour  of our facilities and hands on training tips for your new puppy. monday- Friday 11AM-6PM.

      b. You can fly to us, and fly your puppy home with you. You are responsible for paying           the extra fees for your puppy to be able to fly.


7. If you are paying for your puppy by check or by paypal, we must receive your payment by mail at least 2 weeks prior to the date you are picking up your puppy (buyer pays Paypal fees). If you are paying for your puppy at pick up we require cash.


8. Puppies are able to be picked up after they turn 8 weeks old. You can pick up your puppy by appointment during our business hours. You have 4 days after your puppy turns 8 weeks to pick up your puppy. If you cannot pick your puppy up within 4 days, we charge $40 per additional day that we have to keep your puppy. Our business hours are Monday- Friday 11 AM- 6 PM.



Business Hours:

11 AM to 6 PM Monday-Friday

Visits are available by appointment

Brenda Davidson


Brittany Davidson

4707 Scott Rd. 

Jamestown,  PA 16134

For more information email us at: bdtreasures@gmail.com

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