Nevaeh & Picasso Litter

Nevaeh's puppies were born May 1st, 2021, Nevaeh had 3 males & 4 females. These puppies are all $2990 & all RESERVED. Please remember that prices may change slightly at any time as specified on the "how to purchase" tab. We will never make changes more than $200. Prices are determined based on the 8 weeks of boarding puppies. 


*Our business hours are 12-530PM. Appointment are only to be made during business hours, no exceptions.


*For video updates and more on this litter, please follow us on instagram :) You can click the link below or search snowwater_retrievers *

***Pick out appointment: Buyers have two options for puppy pick out. The pick out dates for buyers are listed below whether you are going with option 1 or 2. Please email me as soon as possible to confirm and schedule your appointment time for your specific day if you are going with option 1. If you are going with option 2, please still email me to confirm your appointment day. Buyers with last pick won’t be picking out a puppy therefore do not get scheduled. You will still be able to see all videos and pictures on the website and I would be happy to hear what puppies stand out to you :) Please do not bring pets to your appointments.


             Option 1- Buyers can pick out their puppy in person, appointments are about 30 minutes long.   Puppies are in a small pen, 2 puppies at a time. Puppies are not to be picked up or let out of the play pen. At this age, the puppies are fragile & not yet protected against viruses and diseases therefore the less contact with clothing, feet, etc, the better. Please make sure that only the “buyers” are coming to this appointment up to 2 people. 

            Option 2- Buyers that are not able to make it out to our kennel will go with this option. With this option I will be posting videos on the website (there will also be even more videos on our Instagram) that you can use to help you in your decision. This will give you a good idea on their personalities. There will also be individual pictures of each puppy on the website. If you have any questions or need some guidance just let me know, I am happy to help! With this option you will see that you have an appointment day as well. The day of your appointment, I will let you know by 11AM what puppies you will be picking from. You will have until the end of the day to let me know your decision. 


***Pick out dates: (If option 1 please schedule your appointment time on your specific day between 12PM-5PM. If option 2 just confirm your appointment day).


1st pick male & female- June 14th 

2nd pick male & female- June 15th 

3rd pick female- June 16th


***Prior to your pick up appointment, you must have the pet agreement filled out & signed. Please email your signed form to me @  The agreement link will be below.


***Payments: If paying by check or Venmo, we must receive your payment at least 2 weeks prior to your puppy leaving us. If paying at pick up, cash is the only form of payment that will be accepted.


***Pick up appointments:  The pick up date for Nevaeh’s litter is June 28th & June 29th. Pick up appointments book up fast, if you are not flexible please schedule your appointment asap. If you cannot pick up your puppy on his or her go home date and need us to hold your baby a little longer, we do have holding options. We hold puppies for $20 per day after their go home date, and we give any further vaccinations and worming necessary at no extra cost (if necessary). If buyers are looking for a close by place to stay, we recommend the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites in Greenville, PA.  If you are flying to us, please see info on the "how to purchase" tab. 

***For more information that will help prepare you such as food, items we recommend buying before your puppy goes home, what to bring at pick up, when to schedule your 1st Vet appointment, etc, please click on the link below.

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Silver Collar Female 

Purple Collar Female 

Yellow Collar Female 

Pink Collar Female 

Blue Collar Male 

Red Collar Male 

Gold Collar Male 

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