**This litter is all sold. These puppies are $2900.



Diamond gave birth to 7 beautiful babies, 5 males and 2 females. Diamond's puppies go home date is January 14th.




*Appointment spots fill up fast for both pick out & pick up. Please schedule your appointments with me by email as soon as possible. Apointments are available during business hours, no exceptions. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 1130AM to 530PM. Until there is a covid vaccination available, we will be following strict guidlines for any appointments. For those that have never purchased a puppy from us, our kennel office is in our home, and the kennel is only steps away. Pick out and pick up appointments are held in the office to give buyers plenty of room, and we want buyers to see the puppies personalities outside of the kennel. Beings that buyers are coming into our home we have to be very careful and hope everyone understands. We are allowing only 2 people at pick out and pick up appointments. Buyers will all be required to wear a face covering & cannot show any symptoms. Buyers must also keep up with and follow guidelines for your area.


*Pick out appointment: We urge buyers to go with option 2 unless a Covid vaccination becomes available, but we will be leaving this up to the buyers. The pick out dates for buyers are listed below. Please email me as soon as possible to schedule your appointment for your specific day if you are going with option 1. If you are going with option 2, you will just need to email me your cell phone number, you will receive your video at noon the day of your appointment.


-1st pick male & 1st pick female pick out date-December 29th

-2nd pick male & 2nd pick female pick out date-December 30th

-3rd pick male-December 31st

-4th pick male pick out date- January 4th

-I will then notify buyers with 5th pick male & 3rd pick female on what beautiful baby will belong to them :)


Option 1- Buyers can pick out their puppy in person. Puppies are in a small pen, 2 puppies at a time. Puppies are not to be picked up or let out of the play pen. At this age, the puppies are not yet protected against viruses and diseases therfore the less contact with clothing, feet, etc, the better.

Option 2- Buyers will email me their cell phone number, and I will send a video of the puppies to them at noon on the date of their pick out appointment. Only buyers going with this option get a video. You will then have the rest of the day to decide on your baby. I am also happy to futher assist you with this process! Buyers can email, call or text me any questions that may help you in your decision. 


*Pick up appointments: If you cannot pick up your puppy on his or her go home date (01/14/2021), and need us to hold your baby a little longer, we do have holding options. We hold puppies for $20 per day after their go home date, and we give any further vaccinations and worming necessary at no extra cost. If buyers are looking for a close by place to stay, we recommend the Cobblestone Hotel & Suites in Greenville, PA.  If you are flying to us, please see info on the "how to purchase" tab.  


*I will be adding info to this page shortly in regards to food, vet apts, and much more shortly. 

AKC English Cream Golden Retriever's

Business Hours:

11:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Friday

Visits are available by appointment

Brittany & Brenda Davidson

4707 Scott Rd. 

Jamestown,  PA 16134

For more information email us at: bdtreasures@gmail.com

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