We are so proud to see our retired female (Dancy), and one of our SnowWater babies (Roxy) doing such great things. We are also so very lucky to have met their wonderful new owners, we couldn't be any happier seeing how much our girls are loved. You can click the link below to see roxy on WRDE-TV News.


Dancy & Roxy are both therapy dogs. Both Roxy and Dancy go to Tunnell Cancer Center, & Roxy goes to an assisted living w/an Alzheimer's wing. Dancy is also taken to Beebe, a local hospital.




 I have carefully selected my breeding stock (our family pets) from countries all over the world. By choosing animals from all corners of the earth I have created my own individual outstanding purebred lines. " Breeding  perfection almost always produces perfection".   We all work to make money and I knew that by purchasing champions my profits would be much smaller but I am much more compelled and dedicated to hold and to enrich the standards of this exceptional breed than to sell a lesser of an animal for more profit.  Although my purse is not as full as it could be, my pride and the gratitude for my dedication gives me a feeling inside that money could never buy.


     In my quest to create my breeding stock I looked for versatility in each blood line. I looked at the temperament and personality in each individual dog. I wanted the lightest cream I could find, but the individual animals genetic makeup and overall personality was the most important to me. I wanted long, white, thick, silky, soft coats.  I searched records to see how long different bloodlines lived because I wanted my puppies to live long healthy. I looked for animals that moved with grace and stood proud. I choose some with big blocky heads and bodies, & others  with more refined smaller builds so that I could produce two types of English Cream Golden Retrievers. I wanted my puppies to be kind, giving, intelligent & obedient.  I wanted beauty and poise. 

I wanted to produce puppies that would only enhance the English Cream Golden Retriever breed. I wanted my animals to create their own legacy.


     I want my animals to thrive and be the healthiest they can be. I know this could not be achieved by feeding a mediocre food. All of my animals are fed fresh health food manufactured by this company:  Life’s Abundance. We highly advise these products to be used for the life of the puppy because we know that it ensures us that the animal will live to its fullest healthiest potential. Nothing makes us happier than to hand over your new puppy to you knowing that he will open your world to so much happiness.




     When you purchase a English Cream Golden Retriever puppy or dog from us,  We promise that we believe in being truthful and honest, and that your puppy is a AKC Registerable Pedigreed Purebred English Cream Golden Retriever. We promise that we have fed your puppy the best health food, and given him/her the best supplements available that we have found.  He/she has always had fresh water available, and has been vaccinated and wormed as described (and advised by veterinarians) in the health records supplied to you.  We promise that the puppy has been loved by us and handled numerous times every day in a loving way, has been kindly but effectively disciplined only when necessary to teach him right from wrong. We promise we have done everything that we could think of to ensure that your puppy will be a happy well balanced individual. We promise to tell you everything about his personality that we are aware of. We promise all of this is to the best of our knowledge.


     Our English Cream Golden Retrievers are members of our family. We love them, we play with them, we camp with them, we swim with them.  Some of them want to sit on us, and want us to hold them like we did when they were 10 pounds... But now they are 85 pounds.  We laugh at them, we laugh with them, we talk with them, and they talk to us. They walk beside us, not in front of us. We teach them right from wrong and their world falls apart at the first "No". Some of us dress them up in silly stuff and they wear it all day without a complaint, some of us tie there ears together with a hair tie to make them look like a bunny....and they rather like it. We go to them with tears in our eyes and they listen. Sometimes they stand or sit besides us for hours just to see if we need them.  They are never ever mean to us, they never get mad at us, they will listen to what is bothering us when no one else has time. They prance and their tail wags every time we glance at them. They love us so very much. They have baskets of toys here, there, and everywhere. They have daily contests to see who can hold the most toys in their mouth. They love to play fetch with us. They are our pride and our joy and I do not know how we could live without them. - Brenda Davidson


A small look at our family 

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